Legal advice to small and medium-sized enterprises, agreements with suppliers and customers and corporate transactions.

  • Corporate advice
  • Company acquisition processes (due diligence)
  • Franchises
  • Agency and distribution
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Tax returns
  • Filing annual accounts
  • Debt collection
  • Commercial conciliation
  • Criminal compliance


Legal support during mortgage processes, unfair clauses, minimum-interest rate “floor” clauses and revocation of banking agreements.

  • Suspension of auctions and foreclosures
  • Declaration of revocation due to unfair clauses
  • Revocation of minimum-interest rate “floor” clauses, reference mortgage loan index (IRPH) and swaps
  • Investment advice
  • Preferred shares
  • Debt collection
  • Conciliation with banking institutions


Legal advice on rental agreements, purchase of residential properties and commercial premises, evictions and legal proceedings.

  • Eviction proceedings
  • Urban property or landed estate rental agreements
  • Joint and sole ownership property
  • Construction rights
  • Mortgages
  • Debt collection


Legal advice for foreign investment in Spain, incorporating subsidiaries and investments in company acquisitions at a national level.

  • Advice to foreign investors
  • Incorporating subsidiaries
  • Investments in acquisitions of companies and businesses in Spain
  • Purchasing real estate property
  • Securing residency (Gold Visa)


Skilled and specific replies to queries and issues related to family relationships: marriage, divorce, inheritance and guardianship.

  • Divorces, alimony, guardianship and custody
  • Determining competence
  • Settlement of inheritance tax
  • Inheritance planning
  • Corporate succession: family protocol
  • Family conciliation


Tax advice for SMEs and individuals, tax returns, economic financial planning and auditing of annual accounts.

  • Management of taxes for SMEs and individuals, VAT, personal income tax (IRPF) and corporation tax returns
  • Preparing and filing annual accounts
  • Auditing of companies by an official chartered accountant
  • Tax-accounting audits of businesses within the scope of company acquisitions or due diligence processes
  • Drawing up legal reports related to taxes
  • Statement to the tax authorities, such as submitting fiscal registration, requests for certificates and online management
  • Tax advice and monitoring of corporate restructuring transactions
  • Equity and inheritance tax planning, in particular for family businesses
  • Preparing the accounts for SMEs


Comprehensive advice on commercial, tax and corporate law for companies and professionals: incorporating companies, holding general shareholders’ meetings and tax returns, among others.

  • Incorporating companies, capital increases and reductions
  • Mergers, spin-offs, dissolution and winding-up of businesses
  • Corporate restructuring processes
  • Purchase of stocks or shares
  • Amendment of Articles of Association
  • Change in name or registered address
  • Corporate acquisition
  • Advice about the summons to attend general shareholders’ meetings and the minutes of these meetings
  • Debt negotiation and refinancing
  • Advice about declaring bankruptcy
  • Request for exemption from unsettled liabilities (BEPI).
  • Acquisition of companies (due diligence)


Advice and protection of private interests in all lawsuits and civil proceedings: divorce, inheritance, disqualification, accident damage claims, malpractice, etc.

  • Accident claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Claims for losses
  • Insurance company claims
  • Drafting of all types of contracts and agreements
  • Claims for third party liability compensation
  • Protection and defence of ownership and possession
  • Setting up foundations, associations and business partnerships
  • Disqualification proceedings


Legal defence for offences and crimes against the fundamental rights of natural persons, criminal acts against third parties and defence in legal proceedings.

  • Industrial and intellectual property crimes
  • Public heritage crimes
  • Lawsuits and claims for slander and libel
  • Speedy trials and proceedings for minor crimes
  • Crimes of misappropriation and fraud
  • Privacy and self-image crimes.
  • Corporate crimes
  • Tax crimes and criminal insolvency
  • Crime against public health
  • Driving under the influence and/or without a driving licence
  • Assault
  • Threats and coercion


Legal advice for both businesses and workers: employment contracts, dismissal, calculation of severance pay, wage claims, etc.

  • Employment contracts
  • Wage claims
  • Objective, unfair and disciplinary dismissal
  • Significant changes in working conditions
  • Calculation of severance pay
  • Occupational disability
  • Occupational accidents


By drawing up a Criminal Compliance programme can prevent commercial businesses from being accused of committing criminal conduct. For such purpose, a report on the prevention of criminal risks is drawn up.

  • Plan to prevent criminal risks
  • Analysis of directors’ and executive’s liabilities
  • Advice about compliance with the regulations
  • Drawing up a code of ethics and conduct to govern the company’s external and internal relationships
  • Employee training
  • Supervision of programme implementation


Advice on declaring bankruptcy, request for limited liability and exemption from unsettled liabilities (BEPI). Bankruptcy of creditors and second chance for natural persons. Advice to businesses in the pre-bankruptcy stage.

  • Advice to natural persons on filing individual bankruptcy (Second Chance Act)
  • Negotiations with creditors and suppliers
  • Preparation of the case for voluntary or compulsory bankruptcy and monitoring the proceedings
  • Contact with bankruptcy receivers
  • Representation and defence of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

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